About Us

About Us

Pool Repair & Renovation Contractors Scottsdale, Arizona

The pool and deck define your outdoor landscape when you invest in a pool to enhance your enjoyment of your backyard and home. Turn your outdoor space into a luxury oasis with Scottsdale’s number one pool and deck remodeling company. A family-owned and operated company, Pool Service Scottsdale AZ specializes in complete backyard remodeling, including pool renovations, plaster, concrete pouring, deck coatings, and repairs.

Our clients can count on us to communicate openly and honestly. In all cases of maintenance, remodeling, and new construction, we will reach out to our clients weekly. In this way, our clients know what we are doing and what our process is. As part of Pool Service Scottsdale AZ, we take great pride in educating our customers about pool safety and ensuring that their pools remain in top condition.

At Pool Service Scottsdale AZ, we understand that trust is earned. That is why we strive to meet all deadlines and commitments on time. We value our clients’ time. In order to ensure that our clients are highly satisfied with our work, we never cut corners.

Our commitment is to show our clients and their homes respect. We treat every client with courtesy and make sure we are being considerate when working in your backyard or business. It is our pleasure to go the extra mile for our clients and we look forward to establishing a long-term relationship. We offer quality workmanship at a fair price. Each job we do is guaranteed.

About Us

Pool Services Scottesdale AZ is a second generation pool repair company which has highest quality engineering professionals and a top notch team. Our Services includes Pool Lining, Fencing, Remodeling, Repair and Maintenance. 


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